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    Wheelie Dogs

    A Fundraising site for disabled dogs

    You can easily contribute and support disabled pets and their caring families

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    Wheelie Dogs

    Fundraising through Indiegogo

    Currently we are raising funds through our WheelieDog campaign at Indidegogo.com

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  • WheelieDogs Video

    A Short Intro

    A basic video describing what WheelieDogs is all about.


dogchairsmall At Wheelie Dogs, we think Callie’s family, and all the families who have dogs that need surgeries, wheelchairs and all the disability supports should have a better way to handle the expenses involved with caring for their much loved disabled pets. We want to help as much as we can.

We want to assist the caregivers of disabled and mobility-challenged dogs with affordable leasing and financial options, to acquire quality-engineered mobility carts and special needs supplies that vastly improve a cherished pet’s quality of life, and are an alternative to what most believe is the only option, euthanasia. 

We are an ambitious team of senior social entrepreneurs who live in a rural centre in Ontario, Canada. We love our canine families and think that the expenses for caring should not drive families into debt during an emotional time. Each of us involved in our project has lived through the complications of caring for a disabled pet. So, we have created a multitude of great ideas we want to put in place over the coming year to make it easier for families with limited income, especially seniors who live on a fixed income. We will offer our services and products to the International community, but for the first year we will only offer leased products in our province.

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